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Ready to revolutionize the way you manage your healthcare plans? Advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations in our platform help you tailor the perfect plan for your unique member population while achieving your strategic goals.

Experience the high-performance Healthcare Benefits Analytics today:

  • Performance modeling to optimize parameters for member populations
  • Self-service plan design and management
  • Unified enterprise data management
  • Actionable insights to maximize savings and performance
  • Engaging and informative visual dashboards
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Client Success Story


Complicated challenges? We’ve got you covered.

Kairos Health Arizona faced a triple threat of issues that undercut its ability to confidently manage data processing, and establish actionable steps for higher quality value-based care. They needed a strategic partner to improve their data warehousing and reporting needs, and remove barriers to efficient data exchange and data transparency that were hindering the organization’s ability to find areas for improvement. 


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Design Competitive Benefits Plans with Benchmarking

Benchmarking is one of the most critical components to design and deploy benefits plans that maximize care for members while minimizing costs. Discover how Cedar Gate’s Healthcare Benefits Analytics can help.


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Robust data management is the key to extracting the most value from your benefits and utilization data.

Our Healthcare Benefits Analytics product includes scalable enterprise data management tools, helping you convert data into insights and action.


The Future of Analytics

Discover how Cedar Gate’s commitment to innovation is transforming the way payers, providers, and employers can use analytics to improve value-based care performance.


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Innovations in Healthcare: How Software & Service Enhancements Support Brokers

Software is critical for broker success. Innovations in data sharing & collaboration support brokers in meeting the challenges of a dynamic & changing industry.

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Design and Deploy Optimal Benefits Plans for Employees with Self-Service Analytics Tools and Intuitive UX Design

Self-service tools for benefits administrators improve the plan design process and provide insightful information to lower costs and offer better care to plan participants.

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Leveraging Benchmarks to Determine Optimal Benefits Plan Design

Healthcare costs are on the rise, but Healthcare Benefits Analytics (HBA) can help. Learn how benchmarking can identify cost and utilization trends and how HBA’s self-service design and reporting can save costs and improve patient access and outcomes for value-based care.

Case Study

Data-Driven Decisions for Higher Quality, Cost-Effective Care

Kairos Health Arizona partnered with Cedar Gate to transform their data-driven decision-making! We’ve helped them save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care for their members.

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Navigating Rising Healthcare Costs: How Self-Insured Employers are Improving Affordability and Outcomes

Explore 3 key trends in healthcare: reporting, data visualization, and cohorting. Learn how they empower providers and payers to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Data Management: How to Turn Your Utilization and Benefits Data into Actionable Insights

Effective enterprise data management is critical to driving meaningful change in benefits design and healthcare. Discover practical solutions for unlocking the power of your utilization and benefits data.



The right solution for your value-based journey is only a click away. Our modular technology is quickly and easily integrated into current systems and complements existing IT investments so that we can grow with you. Learn more today!

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