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CGT-Platform-2023_Simple_Web2A High-Performance Healthcare Platform

As healthcare shifts away from outdated fee-for-service models toward value-based care, our powerful, unified, and fully integrated platform is providing the tools necessary to achieve our goal of better outcomes for everyone.

The Leading End-to-End Solution for Every Stage of VBC

We're enabling the transition from fee-for-service to value-based U.S. healthcare with an integrated solution that incorporates every technical aspect organizations need. It begins with our industry-leading data management that creates a single source of truth for all your data, and continues with analytics, care, and payment tools that are composable in any configuration to meet your needs.


We address the full continuum of VBC arrangements, delivering a solution for payers, providers, and self-funded employers to:
  • Model population health
  • Predict individual patient risks and needs
  • Provide appropriate care with actionable insights from data
  • Get paid for VBC services
  • Achieve safe, secure data storage and management


We provide tools that work seamlessly together to compose the solution that works at any stage of a VBC journey to:
  • Engage in VBC arrangements with varying levels of complexity
  • Design a tech stack unique to your organizational needs
  • Address health needs specific to your population
  • Build out more capabilities over time as your needs change


We offer transparency into data and workflows so stakeholders can work together to achieve common VBC objectives and:
  • Achieve better outcomes for everyone
  • Understand and execute evidence-based treatment plans
  • Tailor care plans to the needs of each individual patient
  • Reduce healthcare spending and improve care quality

The Power of One

Our single end-to-end platform gives you the power to dive deep into your data, pulling out critical insights and translating them to actionable steps that improve health and reduce costs. Discover the difference a single, integrated platform can make in your value-based care journey.

High-Performance Healthcare That Works for You

Value-based care is a journey, and it’s not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer an industry-leading, composable platform of integrated solutions designed specifically for the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Build the custom suite of solutions that meets your needs today, with the flexibility to add and modify as your needs change over time.



Value-based care success requires a sophisticated approach to data. Our enterprise data management tools collect and normalize over 35 data types from multiple sources, enriching it with thousands of rules and parameters. The result is high-quality data warehoused securely in the cloud, and made accessible to everyone in your organization. A single source of trusted data drives consistency, helping you provide the right care at the right time in the right place to patients, members, and employees.

Enterprise Data Management


Our analytics tools go beyond insights, delivering the information you need to measure, predict, and succeed in a VBC future. We apply proven data science methodologies, identify performance drivers, predict health and utilization risk, and pinpoint variations before they hit your clinical or financial bottom line. With rich visualizations and easy-to-build dashboards, our analytics tools communicate what’s important to every stakeholder in any VBC model or line of business.

Healthcare Benefits Analytics Value-Based Care Analytics
Population-Health icon


Powerful analytics demand appropriate action. We put your data to work with intuitive decision support, workflow, tasking, and engagement tools that power configurable care pathways for utilization management, care team coordination, and care delivery. Secure, near real-time integration with payer and provider core administration and EHR systems help providers address critical care gaps and prescribe appropriate treatments during physical and virtual care touchpoints.

Care Management Clinical Decision Support Utilization Management


Today’s healthcare organizations need a new generation of payment technology to manage complex alternative payment models. Our core claims processing tools are efficient, flexible, and proven – and purpose-built for value-based payment models. They simplify the contract management and adjudication process in bundled and capitated payment arrangements. Robust interfacing and data exchange capabilities ensure seamless integration experience with existing systems and partner ecosystems.

Bundles Adjudication Capitation Adjudication


When you’re ready to take on value-based care contracts and engage in alternative payment models, our experts are here to help you achieve your clinical and financial performance goals. We apply a 30-year legacy of innovation and customer satisfaction to our managed and consulting services. Put the expertise of our team to work for you in any value-based care arrangement or line of business.

Bundles Program Management Actuarial Consulting

The Value Revolution is Here.

It’s time to transform care delivery from focusing on volume to focusing on outcomes. The consequences of inaction are too high, and the path to better healthcare is clear. Our high-performance technology is designed for a value-based future, and in this future there are no spectators – it will take ALL of us working together to achieve our goals.

Explore the Platform

The right solution for your value-based journey is only a click away. Our modular technology is quickly and easily integrated into current systems and complements existing IT investments so that we can grow with you.

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