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Solutions for Payers

Bridge the information gap between network providers and plans with analytics, care, and payment applications that engage providers as partners to improve member health and reduce total cost of care.



Enhancing Payer-Provider Collaboration

Collaboration between payers and providers is key to providing exceptional care at the lowest cost. But it’s not always easy to do with fragmented information from many sources. Our payer solutions draw from a single, unified data lake. Claims, clinical, and SDoH data are combined, normalized, enhanced, and available to every member of your team for more informed decision making. Our composable platform and applications are adaptable to fit your analytics, care management, and payment solutions.

Continually Innovating for the Future

Our leadership team has decades of experience in and understands the nuances of the healthcare payer industry. We know how to challenge (without completely upending) the status quo, so we can all move toward a necessary value-based care future. Our high-performance healthcare technology platform is the product of a forward-looking vision where healthcare payers like you can compose the architecture you need to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Committed to Your Success

We offer more than just a comprehensive suite of solutions to succeed in value-based care. From the minute you start your journey with Cedar Gate, you have access to a full spectrum of top-notch advisory and client services. It begins with a streamlined implementation and data onboarding process, and continues with a dedicated Client Success Manager to help identify your unique needs and work toward your clinical and financial performance goals.

The Power of One

Achieving lower costs, better quality, and a better member experience is challenging. With a comprehensive software suite that offers end-to-end capabilities for self-funded employers, it’s a little easier. Our platform allows you to manage data, analyze data, act on analytics insights, and handle complex APMs, with a single point of contact to address your needs. It simplifies the burden of juggling multiple solutions, limits security risks, and reduces administrative costs.

Augment & Gain Value from All Your Data

Successful VBC organization must leverage data to pinpoint specific cost and quality opportunities among members. Our platform streamlines the process with proprietary technology to onboard, enrich, analyze, and communicate member data across multiple applications – including third-party vendors and point solutions in existing IT ecosystem. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics data transfers to clinical and administrative workflows to synchronize with care teams. Built-in self-service functionality empowers both casual and super users to create dashboards and share vital insights with stakeholders across the organization.

Establish a Modular, Integrated Tech Stack

Payers are operating in a continuously evolving regulatory and competitive environment and need flexible technology that rapidly adapts to strategic business demands and opportunities. We provide a complete solution for any payment model in any line of business. We also give you the ability to compose the exact solution you need, integrating it with third party vendors or point solutions in existing IT ecosystems. We can scale up or down based on current needs and anticipated future needs, giving you the power to rapidly integrate systems without sacrificing the benefits of a complete, secure, and fully integrated suite of value-based care products.

Collaborate with High-Performing Providers

To achieve value-based care goals, payers and providers must be on the same page. Collaborative care that breaks down silos paves the way for better care quality, lower costs, and optimal outcomes. Our platform is designed for VBC contracts and programs with tools that simplify the process of establishing networks, sharing performance insights, and building trust through transparency. Surface care gaps and risk insights with EHR-embedded dashboards that pull from clinical and claims data, and share that information to improve decision making to align with clinical and financial goals of your organization and VBC provider partners.

Scale the Ability to Reduce Variations

Variations in care drive up costs and reduce care quality. But many organizations struggle to mitigate risks at scale. Our technology platform takes a patient-centric approach, ensuring care teams’ ability to coordinate and address priority needs for each patient. It also aggregates patient cohorts with similar risk profiles, helping you pinpoint and address the root cause of variations. Our care management, utilization management, and decision support tools provide a shared view of member needs with role-based workflows to maximize member interactions and act on critical insights that improve care.

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