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In a value-based care future where healthcare stakeholders are taking on more risk, payers must bridge the information gap between network providers and plans. Our composable platform provides the tools to engage providers as partners to improve member care, reduce total cost of care, and achieve quality metrics that lead to better outcomes for patients and members. We’ve compiled resources from our experts and industry insights to help you succeed in your VBC journey.

Client Value Stories


Achieves $2 Million in Savings

Kairos Health Arizona faced a triple threat of issues that undercut its ability to confidently manage data processing, and establish actionable steps for higher quality value-based care. They needed a strategic partner to improve their data capabilities, and Cedar Gate was the perfect solution. READ THE STORY >

Organization Type: Public sector entity that runs an employer broker risk program

Location: Arizona

$2 million in aggregate savings for its employer clients with coordinated treatment plans

88% reduction in processing time for deliverables to its network of employer partners

alliance chicago

Team-Based Workflows Help Close Care Gaps

AllianceChicago set a goal to meet or exceed the Healthy People target of 93% on cervical cancer screenings for its population. They needed tools to identify eligible patients and manage extensive outreach and coordination campaigns, and tapped into Cedar Gate’s Care Management and Clinical Decision Support. READ THE STORY >

Organization Type: Managed service organization with over 7 million patients

Location: Nationwide

Eliminated 18 steps from manual workflows with automation tools

Created cohorts for patients who needed cervical cancer screenings to improve outreach

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Press Release: Teens Ages 15 to 19 Incur Highest Mental Health Spending for Depression, Anxiety, and Autism Diagnoses, Analysis Reveals

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT – A new analysis of commercial healthcare spending from Cedar Gate Technologies revealed the highest costs for behavioral and mental health are incurred treating teens aged 15 to 19 years old. This age group accounts for at least 31% more per-member per-month (PMPM) spending than any other. Early intervention and effective treatment could save $3,321 per person in healthcare costs within two years.

Bridging the Gap: Tech-Driven Collaboration Between Payers and Providers

Cedar Gate CEO Dave Snow joins Becker’s Payer Issues podcast to explore the critical topic of payer and provider collaboration. They discuss the key role technology plays in facilitating information sharing and driving better population health outcomes, value-based care, and patient experiences. You’ll also learn actionable steps payer leaders can take to foster deeper partnerships with providers and achieve positive industry-wide results.

Webinar: The Value-Based Care Journey

CMS tested 93 value-based payment and service delivery models, while the commercial sector led parallel initiatives to boost efficiency, quality, and satisfaction. After years of experimentation, value-based care emerged as the best approach for yielding significant clinical coordination, quality, and financial improvements. Consequently, legacy processes, organizational structures, and technologies designed for fee-for-service are failing to enable value-based care. In this session, we invite three market-leading healthcare organizations to share their journey in diverse value-based models.


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