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Solutions for Self-Funded Employers

Industry-leading benefits analytics and care management applications in a single, unified platform to help employers and advisor partners take control of ever-increasing healthcare costs.



Automated Benefits Analytics

Simplify your ability to manage care quality, cost, and health plan profitability. Our applications surface insights through configurable dashboards and customizable reporting with an expansive library of prebuilt templates or the ability to design your own. Our tools are so simple to use, anyone – from data novices to expert analysts – can pinpoint and evaluate meaningful data points to improve benefits and tailor plan designs based on the unique characteristics of your employee population. Integrated analytics and clinical applications provide advisors with tools to directly engage in care management, disease management, and utilization management.

Value-Based Benefits Design

Value-based care is changing the way we provide care in the United States. As with other healthcare stakeholders, employers want high-quality care and accountability for healthcare spending. Our end-to-end platform gives self-funded employers and their advisor partners the tools to enter into innovative alternative payment models and engage in risk-based programs that enhance care quality and lower costs, all while improving the employee member experience – a win, win, win for everyone involved.

Committed to Your Success

We offer more than just a comprehensive suite of solutions to succeed in value-based care. From the minute you start your journey with Cedar Gate, you have access to a full spectrum of top-notch advisory and client services. It begins with a streamlined onboarding process and continues with a dedicated Client Success Manager to help identify your unique needs and work toward your clinical and financial performance goals.

The Power of One

Achieving lower costs, better quality, and a better employee healthcare experience is challenging. With a comprehensive software suite that offers end-to-end capabilities for self-funded employers, it’s a little easier. Our platform allows you to manage data, analyze data, act on analytics insights, and handle complex APMs, with a single point of contact to address your needs. It simplifies the burden of juggling multiple solutions, limits security risks, and reduces administrative costs.

Higher-Quality, Lower-Cost Care

Building a network of high-performing provider partners is a proven way to manage benefits plan costs and improve care quality for your employees. With Cedar Gate’s software, you can sift through the noise to pinpoint the providers with the unique characteristics to address the needs of your population. Then use the tools to design and deploy steerage strategies that encourage your workforce to engage with the high-performing network – the end result is better outcomes for everyone.

Monitor & Measure Performance

When you know what’s happening in your employer-sponsored health plans, you have the power continually optimize performance. Cedar Gate software helps self-funded employers identify plan objectives, set cost and quality benchmarks, and determine optimal benefits plan parameters. Then apply data-driven benchmarks based on regional cost profiles to optimize the benefits you offer. Measure performance over time to ensure your benefits are creating value for your organization and your employees.

Spot Trends & Variations

With limited access to data, employers are behind the curve when it comes to spotting performance trends early enough to act on them and make positive changes. Cedar Gate gives self-funded employers and their advisor partners control over health plan information with regularly refreshed data throughout the year. Our proprietary technology centralized data across business lines, then enriches and augments it for multi-dimensional analysis. Isolate cost and quality variations, spot high-flyers in your highest-cost care touchpoints, and pinpoint interventions that will lead to healthier employees and a healthy bottom line.

Visualize Data Insights

Data is more powerful when you can visualize and understand it. Cedar Gate offers comprehensive dashboards and reports to dig into your data, finding the root cause of care and financial variations. Choose from an expansive library of preconfigured templates or build your own reports from scratch with the help of our experience analytics team. View and compare trends across populations and time periods. With centralized and enriched data, it’s easier to spot risk factors in your population, better understand the root causes, and uncover actionable steps to address them.

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