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Data-Driven Decisions Result in Over $2 Million in Saving

Kairos Health Arizona, a public sector entity that runs an employer broker risk program, partnered with Cedar Gate beginning in 2020. They were seeking a strategic partner for data warehousing and reporting needs. At the time, Kairos Health faced a triple threat of issues that undercut its ability to confidently manage data processing and establish actionable steps for higher quality, value-based care.



Siloed Data and Inefficiency

The primary issue for Kairos was similar to what many healthcare organizations face: their data came from multiple siloed data sources. The lack of integration was leading to serious inefficiencies and data integrity issues. At the same time, limited visibility into claims data mean the company could not effectively analyze medical and pharmacy spending to find intervention opportunities that would improve care and lower costs. Kairos was struggling to assess and clearly target areas they knew were necessary for improvements – and at the top of that list was monitoring and dealing with high-cost claims.

A Member-Focused Approach to Data Analytics

Kairos Health first implemented Cedar Gate’s Healthcare Benefits Analytics application. The member-focused approach helped Kairos model performance and visualize insights in clients’ member populations. They could also help public sector employer clients identify the best plan parameters based on clinical and social characteristics of their unique member populations.

But it went well beyond a typical software implementation. Cedar Gate didn’t just set it up and head out the door. Our experts helped Kairos develop a three-tiered approach to overcome all the obstacles they were facing.

Single Source of Truth for High-Quality, Cost-Effective Care

In a multi-stage process, Cedar Gate helped Kairos pave the way to better care for members employed in their public sector client organizations.

Establish a Single
Source of Truth

The first step was to help Kairos aggregate and standardize various data sources into a centralized and unified data repository. Cedar Gate’s data management solutions were ideal for Kairos because they could automate the process of collecting, normalizing, enriching, and presenting uniform data from a single data lake.

Analyze Care &
Utilization Trends

With data readily available, Kairos did not have to rely on third-party carriers to provide required information for reporting and analytics. Cedar Gate’s Healthcare Benefits Analytics solution helped Kairos identify preventive care gaps, important utilization patterns, and opportunities to uncover facilities and providers who could help with lowering costs and maintaining high quality.

Guide Members to
High-Quality, Lower-Cost Care

Equipped with analytics about what was driving the highest member costs, Kairos could take the information from Cedar Gate’s tools and share it with its employer clients. That included dashboards and reports to locate optimal networks of providers and facilities. Kairos could work with its clients to guide employees and members toward appropriate care within the high-performing networks based on specific member needs.



Millions in Savings and Faster Deliverables

Once this was in place, Kairos saw a reduction of partner deliverable processing time by 88%, with time savings generated by leveraging self-service, ready-made reporting and dashboards. This paved the way for delving into the analytics drawn from the centralized data repository.

This improved Kairos’ ability to analyze member care data detail and enabled the creation of population-specific outreach and intervention protocols. Once the client could see these trends and opportunities for care-based initiatives more clearly, it was prepared to move to the next stage with confidence.

With Cedar Gate’s powerful analytics tools in place, Kairos saw a reduction of 88% in partner deliverable processing time. Most of the time savings came from leveraging self-service, ready-made reports and dashboards.

The ability to dive into analytics from Cedar Gate’s single source of truth data lake also paved the way for Kairos to analyze member care data in more detail. They used the insights to create population-specific outreach and intervention protocols. Once clients could see these trends and opportunities clearly, they could confidently move their populations toward higher-quality, lower-cost care.

This coordinated effort to help clients’ employees get the right care at the right time in the right locations led to aggregate savings of over $2 million. CGT remains a strategic partner for Kairos, empowering decision making with automation and analytics solutions to secure a bright future of value-based care.


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