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Client Profile

Kairos Health Arizona, a public sector entity that runs an employer broker risk program established a relationship with Cedar Gate in 2020, seeking us out as a strategic partner for data warehousing and reporting needs. The organization faced a triple threat of issues that undercut its ability to confidently manage data processing and establish actionable steps for higher quality, value-based care.

Primarily, Kairos struggled to manage multiple sources of siloed, non-integrated data, which caused integrity issues and erected barriers to efficiency. At the same time, a lack of claims data visibility inhibited the company’s ability to analyze medical/pharmacy spend and find intervention opportunities. Because of all that, Kairos was unable to assess and clearly target areas for necessary improvements, such as monitoring and dealing with high-cost claims.




The Cedar Gate Solution

Cedar Gate brought in our Healthcare Benefits Analytics product, implementing member-focused benefits analytics to help Kairos model performance, visualize insights, and identify the best plan parameters based on the clinical and social characteristics of its member population.

This was more than just a “set and forget” approach to the issues. It required a multi-stage process to deal with Kairos’ complex challenges; our team developed a three-tiered approach to overcome the various obstacles and clear the way for better member care.




Solution Implementation

Stage 1 – Establish Single Source of Truth for Data Strategy

Graphic-2In the foundational phase, Cedar Gate helped Kairos aggregate and standardize various data sources into a centralized and unified data repository. This involved engaging CGT’s Employed Enterprise Data Management solution to automate the collection, normalization, enrichment, and presentation of uniform data via a singular data lake.

Once this was in place, Kairos saw a reduction of partner deliverable processing time by 88%, with time savings generated by leveraging self-service, ready-made reporting and dashboards. This paved the way for delving into the analytics drawn from the centralized data repository.


Stage 2 – Analyze Enterprise-Wide Data and Care Utilization Trends

With data more readily available, the analytics phase helped alleviate Kairos’ reliance on third-party carriers to provide required information for reporting and analytics. CGT utilized the Healthcare Benefits Analytics solution, enabling Kairos to identify preventative care gaps, utilization patterns, and opportunities to steer care in a positive direction.

This improved Kairos’ ability to analyze member care data detail and enabled the creation of population-specific outreach and intervention protocols. Once the client could see these trends and opportunities for care-based initiatives more clearly, it was prepared to move to the next stage with confidence.


Stage 3 – Guide Members to Quality and Cost-Effective Care

In the final phase, the goal was to equip Kairos to identify and encourage member utilization of high-performance providers and facilities. CGT leveraged Healthcare Benefits Analytics dashboards and reporting tools to locate optimal networks and guide members to appropriate care based on their specific needs and circumstances.


Overall Results

In the end, alongside the 88% reduction in partner deliverable processing time, Kairos Health Arizona also demonstrated aggregate savings of over $2 million. This was accomplished by working with members and care teams to coordinate treatment plans ensuring members receive the right care at the right time and in the right location.

CGT remains a strategic partner for Kairos, empowering decision making with automation and analytics solutions to secure a bright future of value-based care.

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