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Solutions for Providers

Evolve beyond the fee-for-service world and thrive in a VBC future with tools to identify, understand, and act on data that transforms your operations and improves clinical and financial performance.



Self-Service Tools for VBC

We build our applications with busy providers in mind. They’re designed with self-service tools that reduce administrative burden, freeing up more time to spend with your patients. The turnkey systems are ready to use as soon as they launch. With the help of our client success team members, you can realize value immediately and achieve your goals to reduce costs, improve care quality, and create exceptional patient experiences.

Committed to Your Success

We offer more than just a comprehensive suite of solutions to succeed in value-based care. From the minute you start your journey with Cedar Gate, you have access to a full spectrum of top-notch advisory and client services. It begins with a streamlined onboarding process and continues with a dedicated Client Success Manager to help identify your unique needs and work toward your clinical and financial performance goals.

30 Years of Innovation

Healthcare is experiencing rapid transformation toward a tech-enabled future, and Cedar Gate developers are pushing the limits of how technology can improve care. But we also bring decades of experience designing technologies and services to enable better outcomes for everyone. Our tools are developed by providers and healthcare professionals who understand the unique needs of users, so the software is as accessible as it is innovative.

The Power of One

Achieving lower costs, better quality, and a better patient experience is challenging. With a comprehensive software suite that offers end-to-end capabilities for self-funded employers, it’s a little easier. Our platform allows you to manage data, analyze data, act on analytics insights, and handle complex APMs, with a single point of contact to address your needs. It simplifies the burden of juggling multiple solutions, limits security risks, and reduces administrative costs.

Take on Complex Alternative Payment Models

Value-based care is on the rise, and will eventually overtake fee-for-service as the predominant payment model in U.S. healthcare. Providers with the capabilities to manage complex alternative payment models (APMs) like capitation and prospective bundles will be better prepared to thrive in this future. Our core administrative processing solutions deliver streamlined functionality to meet the specific needs of any payment model. Our software integrates financial data with analytics and care management applications, coordinating operations so you can meet your clinical and financial objectives.

Extend Resources with Workflows & Automation

If current workforce trends continue, healthcare organizations will have a hard time finding qualified applicants to fill open positions. Existing teams will have to do more with fewer human resources. Technology provides a path forward, by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the administrative burden on physicians and clinical staff. Our analytics, care, and payment applications prioritize, structure, and automate clinical and administrative workflows. Intuitively designed applications empower users to design and share reports, predict risk, assess health, and close care gaps in alignment with value-base contract goals.

Build Healthcare Centers of Excellence

In a risk-based healthcare world, collaborative care in a high-performing provider network is essential to success. With Cedar Gate’s analytics capabilities, you can examine performance through multiple lenses, including contract parameters, referral patters, regional benchmarks, and clinical impact. Predictive modeling capabilities help you pinpoint the specific cost and quality levers that support organizational goals. Our integrated utilization, care management, and clinical decision support applications help you provide more coordinated, patient-centric care at every touchpoint.

Address Risk & Care Gaps with Data

In care models with quality targets and risk-adjusted payments, teams must communicate and coordinate across every touchpoint. Our powerful enterprise data management foundation normalizes, enriches, and analyzes every dataset. With seamless integration between analytics and care applications, teams and providers get actionable insights from analytics at the point of care. Our award-winning EHR-embedded clinical decision support dashboard highlights priority care gaps and HCC risk capture opportunities for cohorts or individual patients, so you never miss the chance to improve outcomes in your patient population.

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