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Payment Tech for a Risk-Based Healthcare Future

Ready to participate in risk-based payment models, but worried that your payment software isn’t up to the task? Our composable platform simplifies complex reimbursement structures for bundled payments and capitation. Support for common and proprietary data exchange formats, and sophisticated interface capabilities seamlessly connect to existing claims engines in any partner ecosystem.

Effortlessly Administer Complicated APMs

With risk-based payment models expanding in healthcare, you need a new generation of payment technology that can manage the complexity with streamlined adjudication, reporting, and processing.
The most advanced prospective bundles payment technology to configure and administer episode-based payment agreements.
  • Create bundles definitions, manage contracts, and optimize savings with self-service tools
  • Integrate the software seamlessly into existing RCM and claims engines
  • Convert fee-for-services claims to bundles, submit claims, and unbundle for payment
  • Monitor bundles claims to identify and reward high-performing providers in your network
  • View all your bundles activity in a customizable Command Center dashboard
A flexible, efficient payment software to manage capitated payments in any value-based care program or line of business.
  • Easily configure and administer multiple capitated and FFS agreements
  • Streamline constantly changing eligibility rosters better control risk, quality, and cost
  • Manage provider contract and fee schedule criteria under a consolidated provider record
  • Create automated workflows to streamline authorizations and referrals for accurate claims
  • Automatically reconcile payments and pinpoint discrepancies

The Next Generation of Payment Technology for VBC

Handle the complexities of prospective bundles and capitation APMs with the most efficient, flexible, and proven payment technology platform designed for a value-based care future.

The Enterprise Data Management Difference

What sets us apart? Every client receives access to data tools that integrate virtually any source into a single, unified data lake. We automatically cleanse, normalize, and enrich the information so you get high-quality data warehoused securely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. It’s the ultimate source of truth to power all activities in a value-based care world.

We Serve Organizations Like You


Bridge the gap between provider network and health plan objectives to achieve cost and quality goals in a value-based care world.



Thrive in a VBC future by identifying, understanding, and acting on opportunities to meet clinical and financial goals.



Control ever-increasing healthcare costs, optimize benefits design, and build a network of high-quality providers for members.


Client-First Approach

We believe in true partnership to be successful. That’s why we focus on a client-first approach including:

  • Skilled Team to Guide Implementation
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager to Meet Goals
  • Training Team Delivering New Learning Opportunities
  • “Always On” Support Team When Obstacles Arise

A Sustainable Healthcare Future Demands Action

It’s time to transform care delivery from focusing on volume to focusing on outcomes. The consequences of inaction are too high, and the path to better healthcare is clear. Our high-performance technology is designed for a value-based future, and in this future there are no spectators – it will take ALL of us working together to achieve our goals.


Explore the Platform

The right solution for your value-based journey is only a click away. Our modular technology is quickly and easily integrated into current systems and complements existing IT investments so that we can grow with you.

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