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Most business systems and processes do not support the analytics needs of today. Many of these systems were designed solely with administrative goals in mind and as a result, they do not capture, organize and utilize all of the available valuable data assets. Changing or overhauling these systems, however, often requires major capital investments, complex implementations, and operating in a dual environment until transition from a legacy to a new system is complete. There is a better way.

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Data Capture

Our highly scalable data capture and ingestion process allows for the automated intake and file mapping of 35+ unique data types that are clean, complete, accurate, integrated and formatted correctly for use in multiple systems. We currently take in over 25,000 unique files a month from over 300 unique data vendors.


Data Cleansing

Our data scrub engine with 1,000+ quality control rules, including advanced member matching logic across disparate data sources, ensures that data is accurate, consistent, relevant, and not corrupted in any way. The automated scrub engine logic compares, contrasts, and corrects large datasets, reducing the time and expense required to ensure high levels of accuracy and integrity in the analytics application and data warehouse.


Data Enrichment

Our proprietary scrub engine also includes 5,000+ rules to enrich the raw data upon intake, including calculating risk scores, machine learning models, SDoH models, chronic conditions, quality metrics (gaps in care and risk triggers), utilization metrics, healthcare events (ER, admits), episode groupers, normative benchmarks and avoidable visits.


Data Storage & Security

Our cloud storage solution (AWS) has a low-cost of entry, along with being reliable, secure, compliant and easily expandable. We also have all of the technical safeguards in place for storing protected health information (PHI), including transmission security, redundancy, authentication protocols, and controls over access, integrity, and auditing.


Data Exploration

Our system integrates and standardizes multiple data sets that are typically siloed, creating a 360-degree view of an individual patient’s health on a distributed NoSQL search engine tech stack. This makes it easy to execute real-time, on-the-fly, high-performing drill downs, filtering, pivoting, exploration and querying of the data based on any available criteria. Then it delivers answers quickly by summarizing the data based on an integrated SSoT (single source of truth) dataset that is accurate, complete and standardized.


Data Distribution

Our analytics and reporting platform has been constructed so that the raw and enriched data can be served up in a variety of ways. In addition to the proprietary applications, dashboards, extensive report library, and query capabilities, clients can receive data from the data lake in the following ways: 1. Standardized flat file extracts of the enriched data, 2. Exports to third party data visualization tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, 3. Exports to Amazon’s Redshift cloud-based data warehouse, 4. Data and content sharing with other applications requiring real-time integration via API/web services, and 5. Exports to Excel, Word, and PDF.




Manage risk more effectively and obtain greater value for every healthcare dollar.



Act on emerging opportunities to transform operations and improve financial performance.


Employers / ASOs

Recognize high-value innovation opportunities in healthcare with our help.


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Cedar Gate’s enterprise performance management analytics and administration platforms reduce risk, enhance financial performance, and improve patient outcomes for healthcare organizations across the value-based care continuum.

Performance Management Analytics

Empower your team with timely information to take action and reach performance goals.


Transform the way you report on your business with these intelligent tool sets.


Support medical management activities across the care continuum.


Manage patients effectively from chronic conditions to transitions of care.


Administer retrospective and prospective bundled payment arrangements with clinical excellence.


Operate multiple lines of business with claims and benefits administration, eligibility, capitation reconciliation, financial management and more.


Extend your effectiveness with managed, professional, or advisory services.

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