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Enterprise Data Management to Power VBC Organizations

BLOG | November 21, 2022


If you work in healthcare – as a payer, provider, or employer – you already know that data management solutions are a challenge. Healthcare organizations work with a myriad of data from many different sources, none of which are specifically designed to work well with one another. But having complete, comprehensive, and usable information on patient care, health history, claims and payment, and other critical details is essential to providing optimal care.

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The difficulties collecting, storing, and analyzing data within most healthcare organizations are not new. A quick search of the “top data management challenges in healthcare” provides thousands of results that reinforce the same issues year after year:

  • Interoperability: Having the ability to pull data from multiple sources that you can work with in your data management system.
  • Fragmentation: Minimizing the risks of having data that is inaccessible or unusable that could impact patient or member outcomes and safety in a healthcare setting.
  • Security and Compliance: Limiting the risk of data breaches that violate patient privacy laws or increase financial and operational threats in an organization.
  • Quality: Cleansing data so the information you’re working with is always accurate and up to date, no matter where it came from.
  • Collaboration: Sharing data seamlessly within an organization, and with care partners.

While these challenges surface year after year for payers, providers, and employers alike, there has long been a lack of urgency from vendors who could build effective solutions. That is, until Cedar Gate Technologies decided to create a comprehensive solution for managing all your healthcare data.

Enterprise Data Management from Cedar Gate Technologies

At the foundation of Cedar Gate’s platform is our unique enterprise data management solution. It feeds data to all our other modules, including Analytics, Care and Payment.

Value-based care organizations cannot thrive without high-quality, accessible data. With the vast amount of care- and patient-related information available today, having extensive data management capabilities is not just nice to have but essential for success. Healthcare information comes from a wide variety of sources – payer data, EHR data, government data, and third-party vendors – and it’s in multiple formats that don’t always work well together.

Sorting through this disparate data using legacy data management systems often requires significant manual work for team members. Because of these challenges, many organizations use PDF file attachments or scanned documents to collect and store data within a system. But that unstructured information is not readily accessible for analysis or to make important care decisions.

To combat these issues, Cedar Gate built the most comprehensive enterprise data management solution available to healthcare providers. It’s centered around our proprietary “data lake,” where we pull in data from multiple sources and make it usable – not only across our entire platform, but also to share with external partners through common APIs. This ensures everyone is working from the same dataset.

Advantages of a comprehensive enterprise data management solution

When you’re working in a data management system that normalizes disparate data from multiple sources, data extraction, ingestion and augmentation is simpler and more streamlined. You can automate complex tasks, so data is not only available, but also usable by everyone involved in patient care. Our proprietary system:

  • Cleanses data so it’s all in a standard format, saving you time and avoiding manual work to adjust datasets manually.
  • Processes data for accuracy, consistency, and integrity with extensive quality control rules.
  • Enriches data so you can use it to calculate risk scores, identify patients and members with chronic conditions and appropriate interventions, evaluate and improve quality metrics, and analyze benchmarks within value-based agreements and contracts.
  • Protects data with HITRUST R2 level certification, the industry-recognized gold standard in information protection and compliance.
  • Scales infinitely to meet your data needs today, and as your organization grows in the future.

Tackling the data management challenge is an essential part of successful healthcare delivery for patients and members. It’s also a critical part of achieving value-based care objectives for providing the most cost-effective care in the right settings, optimizing outcomes and patient satisfaction, and addressing health equity. Cedar Gate is ready to help organizations take the necessary steps to achieve those goals as we march forward in the Value Revolution.

Making these changes is not optional, so it’s time to either march forward on this journey or fall behind. Let’s turn the page on healthcare history together.

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