Value-Based Care Analytics

Run real-time queries to compare health plan performance against benchmarks, based on our proprietary member population data set.

Adaptable, Self-Service Performance Analytics

VBCA-1-1Our self-service Value-Based Care Analytics application generates the insights needed to maximize performance in value-based care agreements. Actuarial modeling capabilities enable the orchestration of the entire contract lifecycle, from design, negotiation, and activation, through settlement, measurement, and optimization. Provider and contract performance reporting gives visibility into financial and quality performance under risk-based payment models. Unlike the typical spreadsheets and power points, generated at great expense by business analysts and third parties, our tools offer a powerful toolbox that enables simple, do-it-yourself population analysis, contract design and administration. It drives consistency with user-focused workflows, aligning financial interests between the delivery system and the risk bearing entity, reducing the operational cost of value-based contract management and provider enablement.

Prescriptive Dashboards & Executive Analytics

Render dashboards and reports though a modern and intuitive interface that communicates the key facts stakeholders need regardless of their role or comfort-level with statistical analysis. Our dashboards not only deliver the data professionals need, it recommends actions, with an ability to drill down on any metric and the contributing data source. Configure and publish interactive dashboards for your clients, with your own DIY interface so your users can see what you see, facilitating shared insights and strategic discussions.

Bundles/Episodes Modeling

Enable client definition and creation of bundle procedures based on volume, payment variability, spend, and opportunity impact. Create an episode library, and eliminate the need for consulting arrangements.

Contract Modeling & Reconciliation

Define contract parameters and project performance based on current and prospective contract terms. Ensure accurate financial settlements and reconcile discrepancies with the ability to drill-down from settlement amounts to the underlying data.

Configurable Analytics

Tailor data analysis based on unique organizational measures or regional requirements to generate more relevant actionable insights.


Our member and patient analytics offerings go beyond insights, delivering the tools needed to measure, predict, and succeed in value-based care agreements. We’ve applied proven data science methodologies, including automated performance measurement, prescriptive recommendations, adaptive analysis, and continuous trend monitoring in order to pinpoint the root cause of variation before it hits the clinical and financial bottom line. Complemented by rich visualizations and easy-to-build dashboards, our analytics tools communicate what’s important to every stakeholder, without getting lost in the analysis.

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Ready to Take Risk? Analytics Software Can Help.

Envision a healthcare landscape with tools to efficiently manage population risk while effectively sharing performance insights. Cedar Gate can make it a reality.




Manage risk more effectively and obtain greater value for every healthcare dollar.



Act on emerging opportunities to transform operations and improve financial performance.


Employers / ASOs

Recognize high-value innovation opportunities in healthcare with our help.



The right solution for your value-based journey is only a click away. Our modular technology is quickly and easily integrated into current systems and complements existing IT investments so that we can grow with you. Learn more today!

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