Care Delivery

Our care delivery applications support care teams managing patients across the spectrum of the delivery system. Evidence-based decision support tools, embedded within the electronic health record, keep providers in their workflow and highlight treatment opportunities during the patient encounter. Our healthcare CRM, purpose-built to manage medical-grade data, enables care coordinators to monitor patients during transitions of care. From hospital to home, from primary care to specialist, Cedar Gate’s Best in KLAS care delivery applications help close the care gaps with the greatest clinical and financial impact.

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Analytic Insights Made Actionable at the Point of Care


Wellness & Prevention

Delivery systems taking on financial risk in value-based arrangements are charged with caring for the entire population, not just those with chronic conditions. Alternative payment models, such as Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), reward primary care practices for sustaining health and reducing risk by insuring preventive screenings and immunizations occur on schedule. Our care management and coordination applications support disease prevention with decision-support tools informed by embedded clinical guidelines. The wellness modules support patient-provider dialog and goal setting that can improve care plan adherence and health outcomes.


Chronic Disease Management

Helping providers monitor patients with chronic conditions between encounters was the inspiration behind our care management and coordination tools. For delivery systems engaged in value-based payment models, proactively identifying and closing care gaps has significant financial implications for the enterprise. Cedar Gate tools enable provider organizations to manage prevention, immunizations, and 13 chronic health conditions. Designed for the clinical setting, inbound data to our applications occurs daily and outbound data from our applications and the EHR occurs in real time via standard interfaces. The data are automatically evaluated based on medical evidence, curated and codified in the software. Patients and cohorts that indicate rising risk factors are flagged for outreach and intervention.

Care Team Administration

Leaders and administrative staff are equipped with Best in KLAS tools to manage their care teams. Place cohorts in health improvement programs, and assign appropriate staff to manage the cohort based on professional and medical license. Care teams using our applications can prepare for office visits in advance to insure the patient visit is optimized and the proper resources are available. Efficiency and effectiveness can be measured and benchmarked at the individual and team level.

Intelligent Care Plan

Providers and care coordinators must rapidly assess patient health and focus on care gaps aligned with clinical needs and contract performance measures. Cedar Gate delivers tools that automatically create a single care plan for every patient, leveraging data from multiple sources that incorporate patient goals, preferences and actions required to improve health. Our intelligent care plans are data-driven, yet configurable. The care team is able to capture patient values and unique goals to create a patient-centric care plan. Two-way communication is supported between members of the care team, as well as with the patient.

Care Management Workflow

Our Best in KLAS population health management application identifies care gaps, enables clinical patient outreach, and provides decision support at the point of care. Codified clinical guidelines are applied to electronic health record data to identify target cohorts. Integrated communication capabilities support individualized clinical messaging, including a patient-friendly intelligent care plan, through your existing patient portal.

Care team members are presented with a 360-degree view of the patient health within the electronic health record, keeping them in their established workflow. An award-winning visual dashboard – embedded in the EHR with bi-directional data exchange – surfaces priority care gaps when the patient is in the exam room with the provider. Clinical performance reporting generates insights on clinical measures, payer contracts parameters, and provider or location of care performance.

Developed by providers for providers, and now in it’s fifth generation, our care management application has been proven to reduce variation and gaps in a variety of alternative payment models, including PCMH, CPC+, CCM.

Care Coordination Workflow

Population health strategy leaders are charged with connecting analytic insights with care delivery. Task-based care coordination tools create alignment between care team activities and quality and financial objectives. Cedar Gate’s Best in KLAS population health tool-set features a workflow management application purpose built for value-based care coordination. It applies care management and decision support protocols based on clinical evidence, informs the team of progress towards milestones, and serves as the digital control center for patient engagement campaigns and care team communications.

Our care coordination solutions allow cohorts to be created manually or automatically. Once built, the care team utilizes a task and role-based workflow application, helping to improve efficiency, reduce variation in care delivery, and improve health and financial outcomes. Delivery systems using our care coordination tools are able to manage hundreds or thousands of patients with common intervention opportunities and, in turn, assign staff to programs based on expertise and licensure. Our customers report they are able to reduce variation and gaps in care through the consistent application of best-practice workflows and care pathways.




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Cedar Gate’s enterprise performance management analytics and administration platforms reduce risk, enhance financial performance, and improve patient outcomes for healthcare organizations across the value-based care continuum.

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Transform the way you report on your business with these intelligent tool sets.


Support medical management activities across the care continuum.


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