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Finding Dynamic, Scalable Systems to Process Healthcare Payments

The world of alternative payment models is rapidly changing and advancing as risk-based models like bundled payments and capitation prove effective at controlling costs while maintaining high quality care. In one survey, 94% of health executives said they expect value-based contracts to grow in the coming years. Accurately and effectively adjudicating claims in the new models is essential for profitability, but payment technology softwares designed for an old fee-for-service world are incapable of delivering a seamless and effective solution.

The only option for organizations entering value-based agreements is payment software that is purpose-built for advanced APMs. Cedar Gate offers the most complete, composable, and collaborative payment technology to support VBC goals while minimizing financial risks and optimizing revenues. When combined with our industry-leading value-based care analytics capabilities, organizations have all the tools necessary to coordinate payments with care partners and execute all types of complex financial agreements efficiently and accurately

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