Prescriptive Analytics for
Value-Based Care Success


Most analytics tools report on what happened in the past, but lack the ability to predict what might happen in the future.  Payers and providers participating in value-based and risk-based programs need tools that use historical health data to model future risk. These predictive and prescriptive insights from Cedar Gate’s Value-Based Care Analytics tools can improve strategic decision making within an organization, optimize patient care, reduce costs, and lead to better outcomes in the future.

Our high-performance analytics tools are purpose-built for a value-based care world, enabling you to:

  • Share and collaborate with multiple stakeholders 
  • View prescriptive insights using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Measure provider performance
  • Model VBC contracts
  • Optimize funds flow
  • Benchmark on a local, regional, or national level
  • Identify priority populations and risks
  • Improve health equity and access to care
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Medical University LogoClient Success Story

Complicated challenges?
Discover how Cedar Gate’s clients are figuring it out.

A medical university needed help figuring out how to lower costs and improve care for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients at over 100 locations in their network of 1,000+ healthcare providers. Cedar Gate’s Value-Based Care Analytics tools made it possible to identify members who could benefit most from care coordination and other interventions, resulting in significant savings and higher patient satisfaction.


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CGT White Paper - VBCA Analytics-cover Advanced Analytics to Succeed
in Value-Based Care Contracts & APMs 

Data is essential to succeed in a value-based care (VBC) future. Yet only one in five healthcare executives report that they fully trust their organization’s data, and only 8% think they have “mature” analytics capabilities. Cedar Gate offers the most complete, composable, and collaborative analytics tools to support VBC goals. The software is built to provide insights that can improve care, lower costs, create better patient experiences, and target high-need or high-risk populations. It also includes industry-leading features to track, report, and act on health equity and access data to improve care delivery.

Learn more about all our analytics capabilities in our latest whitepaper. 


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Envision a future where you feel completely confident taking on, managing, and predicting risk in your patient population.

The right analytics tools empower providers and payers to effectively manage risk in a patient population while coordinating with a network of providers to improve care quality and lower costs. The future of analytics is here with Cedar Gate’s Value-Based Care Analytics platform.


Are you missing out on key analytics software features?

Meaningful analytics are at the heart of efficient and effective care, but not all analytics software is created equal. Do your existing analytics tools offer everything you need to succeed in value-based care? Check out the latest features from our Value-Based Care Analytics platform to see if your team could benefit from software with these advanced capabilities.




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Before entering into value-based care contracts you might be worried about the risks. Analytics tools to model VBC performance can help you feel confident in launching VBC programs.

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Making Patient Attribution Easier in VBC Models

Cedar Gate’s Attribution Engine simplifies patient attribution for healthcare providers and payers. Discover how to optimize your VBC attribution process today.

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Using Analytics to Master Payment Reconciliation in Every VBC Model

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Ready to Take Risk? Analytics Software Can Help.

Envision a healthcare landscape with tools to efficiently manage population risk while effectively sharing performance insights. Cedar Gate can make it a reality.



The right solution for your value-based journey is only a click away. Our modular technology is quickly and easily integrated into current systems and complements existing IT investments so that we can grow with you. Learn more today!

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