iLab Client Solution Center

The iLab Client Solution Center was created to provide clients with custom analyses and system solutions that are unique to them, and which are outside our core products and services.

Through the iLab, clients get direct access to our analytic and system experts who will work collaboratively with them to create the advanced analytic solutions they need.

Client iLab engagements can last from between 2-12 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project.

iLab projects have provided significant value to clients. For example, a recent project for a large provider organization is helping them capture over $100mm in value annually.

Clients engage with the iLab to:

  • Develop analytic solutions to value-based care performance issues
  • Develop technology enhancements to the core ISAACTM platform
  • Develop customized analyses and reports

iLab provides a level of client collaboration that’s not found anywhere else.