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Cedar Gate’s prospective bundles solution combines prepackaged episode of care definitions and proven services in a technology platform purpose-built for value-based care and payment. It empowers you to select and operate bundled payment arrangements that incentivize value and embrace the ever-growing shift away from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement toward innovative alternative payment models. No other software offers the same combination of advanced analytics, payment technology, and complementary care management applications to realize the value of bundled payment models.

Payers, providers, and employer partners collectively benefit by controlling costs and achieving predictable revenue, all with attractive treatment options that reward quality, efficiency, and improved care.

Quality, Care, and Value Together®



Support expenditure reduction strategies that produce predictable treatment costs to curb the year-over-year spending increases common in a typical fee-for-service payment model. Energize the transition from volume to value-based care by rewarding high-performing provider networks that consistently achieve predictable results.


Enhance patient loyalty, capture more market share, and increase opportunities for upside earning potential when you achieve performance targets for shared savings and incentive programs. Gain more visibility into your data to measure performance and improve quality.




Control rising benefits costs, improve care delivery, and reduce premiums by identifying and steering beneficiaries toward high-performing providers in bundled payment arrangements. Support direct relationships with centers of excellence that provide comprehensive care for costly procedures at fixed prices.

Simplified Bundled Payment Program Design and Management

Cedar Gate offers multiple prepackaged bundle definitions that you can modify based on your unique needs, priorities, and market dynamics. Our value-based care analytics tools identify high-performing providers and facilities, calculate ideal target pricing, model performance, and recommend optimal program terms so you can confidently participate in bundled payment agreements. Our composable payment technology supports any bundles definition, with flexibility to manage your risk pool and align care team activities with your clinical and financial goals.

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Choose pre-defined bundles definitions from one or more specialty care categories, then get reliable data to develop a successful prospective bundles agreement. Then customize the services included in your bundles using practical insights and benchmarks or build your own custom bundles from scratch with help from our team.


Our turnkey implementation services make bundled payment program setup simple. Engage your entire team in implementation — within your organization or across multiple partner organizations — including finance, technology, and care delivery stakeholders. Our extensive library of resources, as well as managed and consulting services, help you prepare with confidence.


Most claims processing systems designed to adjudicate fee-for-service claims lack the functionality to administer complex bundled payment programs. Our tools are specifically designed for bundled payments and eliminate manual workflows and inefficient processes in claims adjudication. Easily track and attribute program revenue to protect against financial losses and carefully monitor downstream compensation using advanced analytics.


The link between program objectives and care delivery is more difficult with disparate data systems that don’t communicate well. Our comprehensive care management tools link clinical and financial goals by surfacing specific actions to support bundled care episodes. Ongoing monitoring tools help you adjust for market fluctuations and performance changes to ensure long-term profitability.

A Growing Library of Prepackaged and Customizable Bundles

Take the guesswork out of determining which services to include or exclude from your bundles program. Save time with a library of more than 140 preconfigured bundles we created using our deep industry knowledge and expertise that offer a starting point for bundles program development.

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