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High-Performance Healthcare Platform

The path to a sustainable healthcare future is clear, and so is our mission to provide the leading end-to-end technology platform enabling payers, providers, and self-funded employers to thrive in value-based care.

The Value Revolution is here. Together, we are the change.

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Our proprietary data management system onboards and combines your data from dozens of sources to normalize, augment, and enrich it in a single data lake as your source of truth.

Data Processing & Utilization

  • Onboard data from multiple disparate sources
  • Augment and enrich data to improve analytics
  • Translate raw data into actionable VBC information
  • Achieve seamless data sharing & distribution
  • Protect data on a secure cloud-based platform


Visualize and share performance drivers, predict health and utilization risks, and pinpoint variations to improve clinical and financial outcomes in any value-based care program with our advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics tools.


  • Leverage fully enriched member data
  • Assess performance with superior benchmarking
  • Model & optimize benefits plan design
  • Visualize, share, & act on analytics insights


  • Pinpoint ways to control cost, quality, & risk
  • Empower better decisions & collaborative care
  • Prepare for any VBC contract or payment model
  • Easily build reports & share performance insights


Translate data insights into actionable steps care teams can take to achieve cost and quality goals. Configurable care pathways, optimize utilization, help providers collaborate with payers to deliver better outcomes for patients and members.


  • Act-on EHR and claims-based insights
  • Reduce variation with evidence-based workflows
  • Improve collaboration & individualize care


  • Surface & capture HCCs to document risk
  • Align care teams around unified patient care plans
  • Visualize critical needs with focused dashboards


  • Automate authorizations, referrals, & reporting
  • Communicate with providers & manage letters
  • Sort & view utilization with intuitive filtering tools


Our composable payment technologies simplify the administration of complex payment models and reimbursement structures for value-based care. Sophisticated interface capabilities seamlessly connect data with claims engines to streamline adjudication, reporting, and payment processing.


  • Optimize bundles definitions & program efficiency
  • Integrate seamlessly with claims systems
  • Simplify bundling, pricing, unbundling & payments
  • View bundles activity in customizable dashboards


  • Simplify member attribution & PMPM payments
  • Handle multiple provider contracts with ease
  • Plan for risk to maximize revenue & performance
  • Streamline claims, funds flow, & reporting


Tap into decades of healthcare and value-based care expertise from our team and put our experience to work for you to optimize any VBC arrangement or line of business. Our experts are here every step of the way to help you achieve clinical and financial performance goals.

Actuarial Consulting

  • Forecast future spending based on historical trends
  • Get expert advice on VBC contracts & APMs
  • Model & manage downside risk for VBC programs
  • Build high-performing provider care networks

Bundles Program Management

  • Get tailored bundles definitions from our experts
  • Find & recruit high-performing providers
  • Establish & negotiate optimal bundles agreements
  • Let us run all aspects of your bundles program

Built for the Future of Value-Based Care & Payments

Health experts from a wide variety of industries – payers, providers, employers, population health professionals, and even patients – all know our fee-for-service system is unsustainable, and the time to talk about the problem has come and gone. We’re building the most comprehensive suite of software solutions to move forward toward a more sustainable and effective healthcare system.



Move away from the patchwork of point solutions to our full suite of integrated technology to achieve value-based care and payment goals.



Every organization has unique goals. That’s why we designed a modular platform you can build to suit your needs, and adjust as those needs change over time.



We all have to work together to achieve better outcomes for everyone. We make it easy to collaborate with internal teams and external care networks.


Media Highlights

Discover the latest value-based care topics and trends on the minds of our healthcare industry leaders and experts.

Ready for a Risk-Based Future?

It’s no secret that managing healthcare for consumers means taking on more risk by pursuing alternative payment models. To succeed, it is imperative to have the right tools in place that securely manage data, glean insights from analytics, turn those into actionable steps that improve outcomes, and efficiently administer payments. Our end-to-end platform was designed specifically for this moment. Even better, it will serve you well into the future.

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Our Vision

Value-based care is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered and paid for in the United States, and our mission is to use the power of our technology platform to lead that transformation.

Client Value Stories


Achieves $2 Million in Savings

Kairos Health Arizona faced a triple threat of issues that undercut its ability to confidently manage data processing, and establish actionable steps for higher quality value-based care. They needed a strategic partner to improve their data capabilities, and Cedar Gate was the perfect solution. FULL STORY >

Organization Type: Public sector entity that runs an employer broker risk program

Location: Arizona

$2 million in aggregate savings for its employer clients with coordinated treatment plans

88% reduction in processing time for deliverables to its network of employer partners

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Reduces Spend by 26% with Bundles Program

When CVCP knew it was time to shift from fee-for-service to VBC, they used Cedar Gate’s bundles adjudication software to build cardiac center of excellence. The result was a reduction of 26% in spending per cardiac patient, and a significant shift to more cost-effective care locations. FULL STORY >

Organization Type: High-performing physician-led cardiovascular care network

Location: Texas

26% reduction in per-patient spend on high-risk cardiovascular patients

One employer redirected 97% of appropriate care to more cost-effective settings

The Power of One

ONE end-to-end platform of solutions.
ONE single source of truth data lake.
ONE team minimizing security & HIPAA risks. 

Experience the power of integrated features and functionality that reduce operating costs, delivering connected insights and opportunities for your organization today.

We Succeed When You Succeed

There is a reason so many healthcare payers, providers, and self-funded employers choose Cedar Gate to achieve their value-based care goals. When we help our clients succeed, we all get closer to the goals of building a better healthcare system.

~60 Million

Covered Lives plus Bookings


Data Files Received Monthly


Data Formats Processed






Payer & Health Delivery Orgs

See Our Solutions in Action

Choosing the right technology can be a daunting task, but our experts are ready to assist.



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