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David L. MorrisThe Time is Now

Value-based care is an innovative healthcare model that moves us away from the current fee-for-service system where payment is based solely on the volume of care, to a system where reimbursement is based on the quality of care and patient outcomes. It’s not about spending the lowest possible amount on each patient. Instead, it is about spending the right dollars, at the right times, in the right places to optimize patient health.

In a value-based care world payers, providers, and employers have a responsibility to not only provide “sick care” for acute patient needs, but to be proactive in facilitating better health and financial outcomes for our entire population.

Payers and employers have a shared interest in getting the most out of healthcare dollars spent for healthy beneficiaries and employees. Providers want to deliver exceptional care, but their incentives need to align with the collective goals of delivering high-quality care and decreasing costs.

Value-based care is a dramatic change – and adoption has been slow as a result – but now the pieces are in place to move the revolution forward.


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