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VBC-Focused Tech Helps Payers Build an Analytics Center of Excellence

BLOG | May 28, 2024

Most (if not all) payer organizations encounter a similar challenge with data: a seemingly endless volume of member data available, but limited tools to make sense of that data. Legacy reporting and analytics software often doesn’t include the capabilities to drill down into the details and identify member-centric actionable steps that clients or care teams can use to move the needle in a value-based care (VBC) program.

In today’s data-driven healthcare world, managing the avalanche of information from dozens of sources is necessary to improve member care and create a competitive advantage.


Cedar Gate’s Healthcare Benefits Analytics tool removes the work to manually compile and normalize this information. It also provides a member-centric look at data, with unique capabilities to drill down into key details that will improve care and reduce costs. With Cedar Gate’s analytics application, any analytics team can proactively spot trends and alert employer clients quickly. Additionally, the unfettered access to usable data across multiple applications helps payers get to the details they need in the timeliest manner.

Our unique approach to data management with our enterprise data management tools, and in-depth capabilities in the Value-Based Care Analytics application provide all the tools payers need to make sense of data. With Cedar Gate, payers can:

  • Pull information from multiple disparate sources, with the capability to scale up in the future as new data sources become relevant and available
  • View clean, normalized data from a single data lake in any application, including third-party point solutions encompassed in a larger tech ecosystem
  • Access enriched data with additional information like groupers, risk scores, benchmarks, and quality metrics to make sense of the information within a VBC arrangement
  • Stitch data directly to each member, making it easier to identify risks and care gaps
  • Translate raw data into actionable steps that care teams or clients can take to improve patient outcomes


With all the reporting and analytics tools available from Cedar Gate, payers have the capabilities to automate manual reporting work and uncover critical insights. These help employer groups and clients achieve goals like lowering costs, improving member experiences, and increasing care quality.

Eliminate Manual Work to Compile & Share Data
Cedar Gate makes it easy for teams to pull information from multiple sources and compile it in monthly and quarterly reports for clients. Our “Create” module allows anyone to build templates that to share across multiple clients or departments, as well as custom reports that address specific needs of a single group. Employer clients also have the ability to self-service reports and receive them on a scheduled cadence.

Pinpoint Client Needs & Find Appropriate Solutions
Reporting and insights team members can dig into the data to uncover trends that impact care quality and costs. They can share that information with employer groups to help them achieve clinical and financial performance goals, find opportunities for cost savings, and ensure that each member gets what they need from their health plan.

Streamline & Automate Insights, Reporting
Cedar Gate’s software decreases the time the analytics teams spend running regular reports. Rather than compiling most of the information manually, or creating a lot of ad-hoc reports, teams can use templates that pull all the relevant data, compile it in an easy-to-read format, and schedule those to go out at regular intervals to clients and key stakeholders.


Healthcare is increasingly a data-driven profession. Payer organizations that can access and analyze data efficiently and easily are more prepared to take on future healthcare challenges.

With Cedar Gate’s in-depth capabilities and tools, payers’ analytics teams can build an “Analytics Center of Excellence” within the organization. These capabilities will help internal departments and client groups better understand where they were, where they are now, and how to get where they want to be in the future.

Find out more about our analytics tools and start on your journey to becoming an Analytics Center of Excellence today.

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