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Cedar Gate Offers Unique Data Management Capabilities for REACH ACOs

August 23, 2022


Cedar Gate Technologies offers unique data management capabilities specifically designed to facilitate success in the ACO REACH program.

At the heart of our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) system is the “data lake,” where users can aggregate and process information from 35 different data sources. Our data management tools allow clients to customize default processing behaviors so you can easily adjust how you view and use the data. The application normalizes disparate data and reconciles it into a 360-degree sharable view of your patients’ or members’ needs.



The end result is a fully integrated platform, where ACOs can leverage consistent data in any application on our end-to-end platform, including:

Value-Based Care Analytics (VBCA) Insights Engine

Cedar Gate’s Value-Based Care Analytics provides detailed analytics on an ACO REACH organization’s performance relative to your contract. You can use it to identify high-performing providers and medical groups within your network or geographic area to create effective risk-based arrangements. It also provides detailed information on opportunities to close care gaps, such as HCC recapture by member, HCC category, or diagnosis.

Population Health & Care Management

REACH ACOs are now required to establish and execute a health equity plan based on the Area Deprivation Index (ADI) and collect social determinants of health (SDoH) information from aligned beneficiaries. Our system collects and analyzes this information to help you find patterns and more effectively target underserved populations and align priorities with contract requirements. All the information seamlessly connects to the care management application and EHRs for more efficient workflows.

Payment Technology 

Our data lake can easily process information from our integrated Capitation and Bundled Adjudication payment technologies. When used alongside our analytics tool, REACH ACOs can have a real-time view into payment reconciliation, funds flow, contract performance, and profitability.

Since Cedar Gate was founded in 2014, we’ve made significant investments in our data management capabilities. We have teams dedicated to developing software that automates more of your data processes so you can easily store, analyze, and share information across your entire organization. It’s built on the world’s most secure hosting platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing healthcare partners to dynamically scale up or down based on your needs.

Effective and comprehensive data management is central to your success as a REACH ACO. Learn more about Cedar Gate’s investment in EDM and our unique platform that helps you collect, analyze, and share critical member and patient data with everyone to improve outcomes. Contact us today.



About Cedar Gate Technologies 
In addition to our ACO REACH solutions, Cedar Gate Technologies offers industry-leading technology and services that enable healthcare’s transition to and ongoing implementation of value-based care. The Cedar Gate platform consists of Analytics, Population Health, and Payment Technology solutions for any type of value-based care arrangement. Cedar Gate’s high-performance solutions are actuarially driven through descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and are specifically designed to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for all. To learn more, visit

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