Is Your Tech Ready for the 2023 ACO REACH Performance Year?

September 29, 2022

ACO-Reach-TS-Blog-Post-AssessmentIf you are one of the more than 200 organizations preparing for ACO REACH in 2023, the start of the first performance year is now fewer than 100 days away. It’s time to shift the focus to your ACO REACH goals, and have the tools and processes in place to achieve them.

Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President and Global Client Leader at Frost & Sullivan outlined some of the key changes in ACO REACH compared to the current GPDC model in the first of our ACO REACH video series. To succeed in ACO REACH, organizations will not be able to rely on legacy software built for a fee-for-service system. Healthcare providers require a complete and fully integrated software solution with:

  • Data Management: The ability to bring data together and normalize it, which is often a big challenge for organizations pulling information from many disparate sources.
  • Analytics: Tools that pull in data components from new and existing data sources, including social determinants of health, and perform risk stratification modeling based on all that information.
  • Care Management and Population Health: Software to coordinate care across the ACO and engage with the individuals your ACO serves. This is particularly challenging in the new model because organizations are working with underserved populations who may have additional needs, requiring you to refine care management models to succeed.
  • Performance Management (for clinical and financial performance): Offering end-to-end capabilities so organizations won’t have to piece together modular solutions that require significant manual intervention. Capitated care models where organizations are sharing funds, seamless data, and performance metrics sharing become essential.


So how ready are you to take on these new challenges?

Take this 10-question ACO REACH Tech Readiness Assessment to find out whether your current tech stack can handle what’s coming.

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