9 Insights on the Journey to Value-Based Care
by Henry DePhillips, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Cedar Gate - Published: July 20, 2020

As our country grapples with COVID-19, one topic continues to emerge as we examine how the future of healthcare delivery must change and that's value-based care (VBC). Full Article

Pandemic Sparks Payment Model Reform
by Tobin Lassen, Chief Bundled Solutions Officer, Cedar Gate - Published: July 7, 2020

Transitioning fee-for-service healthcare to value-based care models has not been easy. According to the most recent Alternative Payment Model (APM) Measurement Report, fee-for-service still accounts for 39% of healthcare payments. Full Article

Successful Bundle Payment Programs Unite Payers and Providers
by Tobin Lassen, Chief Bundled Solutions Officer, Cedar Gate - Published: June 3, 2020

Fee-for-service reimbursement models have caused a deep-seated mentality that encourages more and more services. This has contributed to the trend of seemingly unstoppable increases in healthcare costs and insurance premiums for millions of commercially insured people. It’s time for a change. Full Article

Unchartered Waters: How COVID-19 Impacts Risk-based Contracts and How Providers Can Mitigate Risks
by Dan Santmyer, Chief Actuarial Officer, Cedar Gate - Published: March 31, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on our healthcare system is being well documented, but how will COVID-19 medical claims impact the performance of value-based care programs? Our Chief Actuary explains how COVID-19 related medical claims impacts each type of risk-based contract, and how to assess and mitigate the risks. Full Article

Healthcare Disruptive Technologies & Innovations
Published: August 16, 2019

A Credit Suisse interview with David B. Snow Jr., Founder and CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies. Full Article

What Does Knee Surgery Cost? Few Know, and That’s a Problem
Published: August 21, 2018 | By Melanie Evans (WSJ)

The price we pay for health care often has little connection to what it actually costs. One hospital decided to investigate. Full Article

Value-Based Care Performance Management Analytics
Published: August 3, 2016

Value-based care performance management is an analytical and operating system that provides the critical capability needed by healthcare companies to be successful under the new payment and delivery models. Full Article