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Our business intelligence capabilities offer flexible and innovative ways to analyze healthcare data, from both the clinical and financial perspective. Industry standard reports focus on utilization and cost for areas such as places of service, diagnoses, procedures, providers and drugs. Clients can leverage flexible and customizable reporting options to analyze trends in their healthcare spending and utilization by performing streamlined, on-the-fly analysis, from the aggregate book of business level down to the individual member. The unique technological architecture behind Cedar Gate’s solutions allows for generating reports in minutes, or even seconds, rather than hours.

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Next Generation Business Performance Reporting


Client Analytics & Reporting

Stakeholders tasked with managing the healthcare of a population need a simple way to integrate, organize, and access information about the effectiveness of health management programs and interventions. Plan Analytics and Executive Analytics comes out of the box with 100+ standard reports and dashboards to implement a data-driven approach to health plan management and effective benefits decision-making.


Flexible User Roles & Permissions

Two applications are available – Plan Analytics for power users and Executive Analytics for casual user views. The User Management Module allows clients to add, delete and edit users and manage the permission levels. Permission rights are controlled at the individual level including: which applications or modules can be viewed; which groups/divisions/plans/plan types can be seen; whether PHI and/or financial info can be viewed; which reports and dashboards can be viewed, and even which fields are exposed at the user level.


Custom Reports, Dashboards, & Automation

Users can choose from a vast library of hundreds of different visualizations to build custom reports as tables, charts, graphs, infographic tiles, or use a combination of these options to create custom dashboards unique to each client’s needs. Unlimited reports and dashboards can be created, saved and published in real-time, as well as bundled and scheduled along with standard reports for easy automated distribution. These reports and dashboards retain interactive functionality enabling drilldown to claim-line or member-level detail, for specific populations and datasets with just a few clicks.


Health Plan & Program Effectiveness

Understand how a specified population is performing compared to a benchmark for claims, utilization, top diagnoses, and more. Compare the utilization and financial results of program participation while using predictive modeling to estimate trends and support conversations.


Trending, Comparisons, & Benchmarking

Access an embedded catalogue of over 1,000 benchmark values created from a national normative benchmark dataset of over 7 million members that can be used for reporting and analysis purposes. In addition, our dynamic benchmarking feature allows clients to create their own benchmark dataset that is generated on the spot by pulling data from a client-specified book of business. Measure performance and analyze trends by book of business, region, state, MSA, and industry-specific benchmarks.


Population Risk Stratification Tools

Stratify population risk and create custom cohorts for outreach and engagement based on concurrent and prospective risk scores, SDoH scores, machine learning models, medication adherence risk scores and care alert scores.




Manage risk more effectively and obtain greater value for every healthcare dollar.



Act on emerging opportunities to transform operations and improve financial performance.


Employers / ASOs

Recognize high-value innovation opportunities in healthcare with our help.


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Cedar Gate’s enterprise performance management analytics and administration platforms reduce risk, enhance financial performance, and improve patient outcomes for healthcare organizations across the value-based care continuum.

Enterprise Data Management

Capture, organize, and utilize all valuable data sets securely and easily.


Empower your team with timely information to take action and reach performance goals.


Support medical management activities across the care continuum.


Manage patients effectively from chronic conditions to transitions of care.


Administer retrospective and prospective bundled payment arrangements with clinical excellence.


Operate multiple lines of business with claims and benefits administration, eligibility, capitation reconciliation, financial management and more.


Extend your effectiveness with managed, professional, or advisory services.

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