ISAAC Platform

ISAAC™ is an enterprise performance management analytic platform that combines actuarial methodologies, existing contract prices and care utilization data to predict the financial performance of risk-based contracts. It has achieved a predictive accuracy of 99.4%.

Unlike retrospective analytic platforms, ISAAC is a prospective platform that provides “in-year” performance views of each contract, and identifies where and how their performance can be improved.

  • Optimize Risk-based Contract Performance
    • Configure and model contract options
    • Develop pricing and reimbursement strategies
    • Optimize financial results
  • Better Manage Medical Loss Ratios
    • Forecast MLR by LOB, network, region, others
    • Configure and model improvement options
    • Improve MLR rates for each contract
  • Create Higher Performing Networks
    • Optimize current provider networks
    • Configure and model new provider networks
    • Reduce out-of-network referrals
    • Reduce network leakage
  • Improve Clinical Protocol Adherence
    • Reduce avoidable clinical complications
    • Reduce variations in clinical protocols
  • Optimize Care Location Utilization
    • Increase usage of quality, efficient locations
    • Avoid re-admissions and over-utilization
  • Drive Execution and Accountability
    • Select and assign opportunities to Playbook
    • Incorporate Playbooks into operating plans
    • Schedule and monitor program execution
    • Measure impact on financial performance
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