Clinical Protocols

ISAACTM clinical protocol management provides the set of cost, quality and utilization analytics required to optimize clinical pathway performance and improve patient outcomes.

ISAAC’s prescriptive analytics display avoidable clinical complications and clinical procedural variation for each clinical pathway. It ranks attributed physicians in order of savings opportunity, identifying root causes of differentiation from their peers. Subsequent data refreshes allow physicians to observe their interventions narrowing the variation in the bell curve while improving the mean cost per episode and quality of care.

On average, ISAAC finds between 10%-20% in clinical cost improvements.

ISAAC clinical management is used to:

  • Improve the consistency of patient care within clinical pathways
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Prevent gaps-in-care and reduce the number of at-risk patients
  • Reduce medical errors and unjustified variations in clinical practice.
  • Improve quality and quality scores
  • Lower the total cost of care