Healthcare Professionals

Our Mission

To bring powerful analytical decision tools to healthcare enterprises to dramatically improve outcomes and lower the total cost of care for everyone.

We bring together the most capable, passionate and innovative people and empower them for change.

We succeed through the success of our clients.

Healthcare Transformation

Our Culture


Every day we strive to make a difference in how healthcare works.

We recognize its complexity and understand its inter-connections. We also understand and have experienced its points of disconnection, dysfunction and inefficiencies. We are optimistic that its promise is within reach and work hard to support those who deliver it.

We value intelligence, integrity, innovation, openness, and teamwork. We value those who are unwilling to settle and who seek to find a better way.

We encourage both disagreement and cooperation. We appreciate individual as well as team efforts. We embrace the concept of community.

We appreciate diversity and reject discrimination of any kind.


Our Leadership Team

David B. Snow Jr.

Chairman & CEO
David Snow

Mr. Snow is the company's founder, and a nationally recognized CEO. In 2010, named #27 on the Harvard Business Review “Best Performing CEOs in the World."......more

William McElmurry

Executive VP & Chief Sales Officer
Bill McElmurry

Mr. McElmurry leads the sales team and has broad experience with health information systems.......more

Aarti Karamchandani

Senior VP & Chief Client Officer
Aarti Karamchandani

Ms. Karamchandani leads the client services team and has expertise in healthcare analytics.......more

Brendan Shanahan

Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
Brendan Shanahan

Mr. Shanahan is the financial team leader and has extensive experience.......more

Michael Galvin

Executive VP Chief Information Officer
Michael Galvin

Mr. Galvin leads the information technology and enterprise operation teams.......more

Christian Nickerson

Executive VP & Chief Product Officer
Christian Nickerson

Mr. Nickerson is an innovation expert and leads the product and development team.......more

Jack Smith

Executive VP & Marketing Officer
Jack Smith

Mr. Smith is an accomplished marketer and leads the company's marketing efforts.......more

James Allocco

Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer
James Allocco

Mr. Allocco leads the technology team and has expertise in the design and delivery of large-scale systems.......more

Ken Brown

Senior VP & Client Operations
Ken Brown

Mr. Brown leads operations to deliver flawless product quality and functionality for clients.......more

Suny Shin

Senior Director & Visual Design

Mr. Shin is a design and data-visualization expert.......more